Business Asssociates

  • Our Partner in Progress

    Our vision is to foster growth at every level. Franchisees being our partners in growth play a pivotal role in business development as they are our representative in front of the client. Also our business model revolves around the growth and development of Franchisees in various forms as envisioned by us.

    With Neha Investment vision and mission, an entrepreneur has a plethora of opportunities to benefit and become a part of the next big thing in the financial world. Needless to mention, our vision and mission speak all about what we are into and what a Franchisee can expect from us.

    Philosophy of Franchising

    At Neha Investment, we believe in empowering the Franchisees to provide superior customer satisfaction through efficient and value-added services. Through Franchisee we not only aim to cater to the needs of all the concerned customers situated at every nook and corner but also ensure that they get the same quality of services which they would upon being directly associated with Neha Investment.

    We understand well and believe in catering to the needs and expectations of a broker, sub-broker and clients equally, thereby ensuring growth and welfare of all concerned. This will not only create equilibrium of interests of various entities but also pave way for the congruence of their goals.

    Our concept of franchising is based on following values and principles

    • Fully Secured model ensures No threat from Company to franchisee business.
    • No insecurity to Clients with continuity of relationship.
    • Uncapped area-allowing development of business anywhere.
    • Continuous Flow of Innovative Products to expand revenue streams and ensuring increased earning for our associate.